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11 Websites That Pay You to Do Homework for Different People

Remember when you were younger and you absolutely loathed doing assignments? Well, thanks to the world wide web, you might just loathe it somewhat less now. And that is because -- as this is the net we're talking about -- you can get paid to do homework for other individuals all from the comfort of your home (and behind your PC display ).

If it appears to be a fantastic method to make some cash on the side, and if you've got the brains for this, then why not give it a try?

Have a look at these 11 great websites to get started!

1. Writingpapersucks.com

It is totally free to join but there is a catch: you will need to be a current resident of, and qualified to work in, the United States or Canada. You will also need to be a school sophomore or greater, or hold a degree from an accredited US or Canadian university.

The entire application process can take anywhere between one and three months. Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to take (and pass) an exam in one of the 21 high-demanding topics (like physics, maths, business law and essay writing). You'll then have to participate in a mock session and also undergo a background check, and you will have the ability to get started tutoring students of all ages and help them with their assignments. Hourly prices are ordered by the subject you get.

2. PaperCoach

They rely upon specialised LinkedIn classes to find writers but it is possible to send a speculative application by sending your CV into consideration. The fantastic thing is that although it is a US-based business, you do not have to be a US resident to use.

Depending upon your academic degree and the intricacy of the paper you write and its own deadline, then you can earn about $8 and over.

3. OneClass

Even though OneClass does not pay you to do people's homework, per se, the startup does pay you to discuss your study notes with other college students taking the same classes as you.

You can even earn credits by making badges and referring friends to combine OneClass. And the best part is that it is available to people who have finished college, also; you don't need to be a current student to take part!

4. HashLearn

HashLearn is an Indian cellular tutoring app which connects tutors to tier 8-12, JEE, NEET and CET students who want help with their homework. As a tutor, you're help alleviate students' doubts on a variety of subjects, which range from chemistry into maths and physics.

To apply to become a mentor, you will need to be a resident of India. As soon as you've chosen the subjects of your expertise, you can start accepting tutoring asks whenever you want -- directly on your telephone -- and you're going to get paid for every session you take.

5. Chegg

Chegg is perhaps one of the most famous online tutoring sites on the internet today. It frees tutors from leading universities for a variety of high school and college subjects, including computer science, algebra, accounting, French, biology and mechanical engineering. There are literally thousands of different subjects to choose from, and using to become a tutor in your specialist area is easy -- the best part is that you could be anywhere on the planet to combine.

Upon becoming a tutor, you are going to have the ability to get in touch with students needing help in your field -- if it's most suitable to you. You get paid every week (you'll typically get $20+ per hour), and you'll be able to download the Chegg program to remain connected on the go.

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